Hi, I'm Michal.

#FeelingBlessed for living in the best place and time ever to start and run a business.

I was at the"Best Place To Work" in the world. But something was wrong. I knew I had to leave... 

Rewind back to 2012:


I was working at Google. It was a comfortable life.


I was doing well, had many options inside the company…


… and wherever I went, the words “I work at Google” elicited looks of respect.

And yet, I knew that this couldn’t continue. 


I always thought that I need to have my economic fate in my own hands. And not be beholden to someone saying “sorry, we don’t need you anymore.”


Not because I would have had a hard time finding a new job. 


But because of what the FEAR of losing my job would do to me ...


... if I compromised my integrity on behalf of the company. 


And so I decided to leave. And start a food delivery business.


Most people around me thought I was crazy. 


Leaving the best employer in the world and, instead, deal with slim margins, food spoilage and London traffic.

Well... they were right. The business was a big failure, and I lost £250k with it. 


Tail between my legs, I went back into employment. But it didn't last long.
















The  Call to Independence  Didn't Stop.

It only got louder, especially as I found myself working for someone who was not only incompetent... but also unethical.  


I was tempted to shut up and go with the flow. 


But I couldn’t. I spoke up and got myself in trouble.

It turns out, I am rather passionate about not lying. 


I think it’s because I was born into a world of LIES.  Also known as Socialist Eastern Europe. 


Mind you, Czechoslovakia in 1978 wasn’t Stalinist Russia. There was no starvation and no mass incarceration.


But people had to watch what they said. 


If they were too open with their criticism of the regime, they would get into trouble.


And so they learned to get by. They self-censored. They were cautious around strangers who were too open with their views. (Maybe they were informants baiting them?)


Lying had become a way of life


Even when it wasn’t necessary, people lied. Neighbours lied to each other. Husbands lied to wives. Parents lied to their children. 


When you associate lying with being safe, it becomes a default mode of communication.


Fortunately, my parents didn’t want their kids to grow up in a world of lies. 


So we escaped to the West. Just across the border, into Austria. But it was a completely different world. 


The default mode of interaction with strangers was… TRUST. You could say what you wanted. And you were free. 


Although I was just barely 6 years old when we left...


...the disgust with any system that breeds lies is deeply ingrained. 


So here I was, employed and having a strong incentive to lie - to shut up and get by.


My boss wanted me to do things I thought were wrong.


We immediately butted heads. 


And because he was the CEO, he fired me on the spot. (The board fired him six months later.) 

It was my  Lightbulb Moment.

Getting fired was the greatest blessing in disguise.


Because it MASSIVELY accelerated my personal development.


In the four years that followed, I....

  • ...built a successful 6-figure business helping people find clients on LinkedIn.
  • ...left a toxic relationship and ended my engagement with people who didn't have my back
  • ...transformed my mental state through meditation, focus, and discipline
  • ...found the love of my life, got married and had a baby. And a dog.

This time, I learned the right lessons along the way:


Commitment is 90% of business success. 


If you're committed to making one thing work, and don't 

... dabble in side hustles

... waste time aimlessly "networking"

... think about Plan B


... then good fortune will come.


Coaching trumps information.


You can build anything - from business empire to nuclear reactor - with information freely available online.


The problem lies in curation (Which step to follow) and execution (doing the work).


This is why I decided to pay mentors who had a stake in my success. It has paid back many times over. 


Proactive client acquisition is the holy grail.


You don't need to have the best product or service in the world. 


As soon as you reliably solve your clients' problem, the #1 skill to develop is new client acquisition. 


It sounds obvious, but few people put laser-focused effort in this skill. They rely on referrals, agencies... and hope. 


A complete stranger can become your client instantly - if you speak their language.


The first time I found a stranger on LinkedIn and sold him my service was an epiphany:


I had wasted SO much time investing in my London network, only few of whom became clients or referred me. 


And here was this complete stranger who paid me several thousands of £££ on the spot. 


Because I had an offer that addressed a fundamental problem. 

How can I help  you? 

Small company leaders, experts and consultants message me when they realise that they need to figure out LinkedIn. 


And they're finally ready to stop delaying the necessity to generate their own leads and clients, instead of outsourcing this vital skill to agencies and ... luck.


Others contact me because they've had enough of Done-For-You work and want to start scaling by "productising" their service. 

If you can invest ten hours a week, I can completely change the way you look at new client acquisition.


Please note that my accountability process is very strong and NO BS. You won't be able to wiggle out of the need to step outside your comfort zone and push yourself. 


If you're 100% committed to develop this crucial skill and take control of your client acquisition, click below...


I'll be waiting to hear from you, committed to your results.

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