When I asked my clients to tell me why they decided to work with me, the most frequently repeated term they used was my “No BS” approach. 


In line to my most important value - truth - I have a very direct style which doesn’t suit everyone.


But it suits those who want results.









































  • No Spam

  • Alpha Status

    You and your client are equals in a win-win transaction. So there's no need to be submissive at any stage of the process.

  • Truth, Not Selling

    During an early-stage conversation, you are seeking the truth. You're not trying to sell. 

  • Client Results are #1

    The moment you make Client Results your foremost success metric (instead of your revenue), your business will take off.

  • Purpose-driven discipline

    Having a strong WHY builds discipline and resilience.

  • Trust The Process

    Establishing daily routines and doing the work beats chasing virality and hoping for good luck.

“The twice-weekly calls with you were absolutely essential for my positioning. 


And when I started doing content your way, I got myself a new client that paid me back 3 times the LinkedIn Bootcamp investment.


No wonder I've recomended you already several times."

Volkmar Koch

Digital Transformation Consultant

“With just a few Tweaks based on the Bootcamp, I closed 3 new retainer deals which paid me back 500% on the investment.”

Christopher Agace

Legal Advisor to SMEs

We had to revise our annual revenue forecast up by 1.5x within months of working with Michal.

Jason Ku

CEO of Pirical, an HR Tech firm

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